Package Description

Import JSON data of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition characters exported from

  • Generic JSON files of characters and bestiary entries exported from
  • Character, bestiary entries, and gear directly via the API. (Requires an API key available to Wildcard subscribers.)
  • Allies, vehicles (as actors), and cybernetics (as gear).
    • Assigns existing character Actor permissions to allies and vehicles based on who owns the character Actor.
    • Assigns the imported character Actor as the vehicle operator.
  • Includes a setting to automatically run Patch All Actors function from premium content modules if the function is available.
  • Includes a setting to add imported characters' languages to Polyglot module settings.

You can also update individual characters by right-clicking on the Actor in the Actor Directory to check for updates via the API, or update multiple characters at once with the Character API import tool.

Pro Tip: v3 now supports Campaigns. Create a campaign, invite players, and let them create and manage their characters from their own accounts. A Wildcard subscriber can invite any user with a free registered account to use this feature. After the player saves their changes, the GM can then import or update the character directly in Foundry using this module.

Note: Only users with Assistant or Gamemaster roles can access the Importer tools. and its logo are copyrighted by Alliante Entertainment.

Required Game Systems

  1. Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Latest Version: Version 1.2.0 Last Updated 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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  1. Content Importers
  2. External Integrations

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.10.4

  2. Version 3.6.0