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Roll From Compendium

Add compendium context menu option to roll an item (casting a spell, showing a feature, etc).



This module adds a new context menu button to the Compendium window. When right-clicking an item from the list, you will have a new option - Roll.

When clicking this option, the item will be "rolled", and a card will be shown in the chat:


Dummy Actor

When Item items (spells, weapons, equipment, features...) are rolled, they will be rolled as if they belong to an actor.

If you are selecting a token while rolling, it will be as if the item is used by that actor. This means that, for example, a weapon will use the abilities of the character, and a 5e spell will have a saving throw DC based on the character's statistics.

However, if no token is selected, a "dummy actor" will be created (once) and used for that purpose. The dummy actor can be found in the Actors tab, named "(Compendium Roll)". If you want to change the default actor used to cast


Note for D&D 5th Edition

When casting a spell with a dummy actor when your selected character doesn't have the spell slots for it, you'll want to toggle off "Consume spell slot" in the dialog that opens; otherwise it will fail to cast. This is because of a bug in the 5e system - its code can't deal with someone casting a spell they don't have the right spell slots for.

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