Package Description

A controller for adding a secondary light option that will automatically be updated to when changing between day & night lighting conditions.


How to use:

  1. After placing a new Light Source and opening up the configation window you should see a new options, "Dynamic Day/Night Light" which is set False as default. Set "Dynamic Day/Night Light" to True and press the "Update Light Button".
  2. Reopen the Light Source and you should see the options fields greatly expanded and divided into two halfs of, "Current Light Settings" and "Alternative Light Settings". The top half "Current Light Settings" will continune to function as normaly, while the bottom half "Alternative Light Settings" will let you set new options that the currentl Light Source will transform into when using standard Day to Night transistions buttons or the new Change Lights (clock) button.
  3. After you have set the options, now when you press either; the " Transistion to Daylight" (sun) button, the "Transistion to Darkness" (moon) button, or the new "Change Lights" (Clock) button, any Light Source that has Dynamic Day/Night Light set as True will swap between it's from its Current Light Settings to what ever was set as the Alternative Light settings. 

Tagged Categories

  1. Automation Enhancers
  2. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.3