Paizo Partnership FAQ

General Info

How Does This Official FVTT Paizo Content Differ From The PDF Version?

From the very beginning of this project we knew that if we were going to make official Pathfinder content it would be essential to provide customers with more than just a converted PDF. The bar for conversion was set pretty high by community efforts (especially Fryguy’s PDFtoFoundry module), so we chose to emphasize production quality and turn our releases into something you couldn't experience in the same way anywhere else. That's why each of these premium content packages includes:


What Will This Cost?

We aren't ready to discuss pricing yet, but we hope you can trust that we will choose a price that we feel best represents the quality of the product, while also being fair to the customer. 

Do I Get a PDF Copy of the Book When I Purchase?

Yes! When purchasing Paizo products converted for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, you receive access to the PDF through your Paizo Store account as well!

I Already Bought The PDF, Can I Get a Discount?

Yes! In cases where the PDF version of the product is part of what Foundry VTT provides, the cost of the PDF should be deducted from your purchase price of the Foundry VTT version automatically. Products produced by Sigil on behalf of Paizo will receive a similar discount-$10 off the price if you have already purchased the PDF.

Does the discount for Abomination Vaults only apply if you buy the re-release?

The Foundry VTT release of Abomination Vaults is based on the forthcoming omnibus edition and will not be purchasable as separate modules for each book. The PDF discount will only apply if you have purchased that edition's PDF. We feel that the content the FVTT release will contain will make it well worth the price.

Future Content

Will you be converting ALL Pathfinder 2e content?

We are currently committed to producing the three titles mentioned in our announcement (Beginner Box, Outlaws of Alkenstar, and Abomination Vaults). We want the industry-leading adventure content that Paizo is creating for Pathfinder 2e to be available on Foundry Virtual Tabletop - ideally on its initial release date - so that GMs can confidently look forward to running their next adventure in Foundry VTT. Paizo has published a huge catalog of content over the years, and while we want that to eventually be available on Foundry Virtual Tabletop, our efforts will be focused first and foremost on supporting new releases.

I Really Want Token Packs For PF2e, When Can We Expect Them?

We feel the tokens included in the Beginners Box and Abomination Vaults content are a very strong example of how we might offer token packs for PF2e. There are approximately 2000 creatures in the Pathfinder 2e system, and we want to be sure that our approach to selling token packs is one which brings the best quality that we can offer at a price the community will see as fair. 

What About Content For Starfinder Or Pathfinder First Edition?

We don’t want to dishearten the fan communities for Starfinder or PF1E, or unfairly inflate their hopes that content for their systems might be in production and unannounced. While we would like to be able to bring content with the same degree of quality as our Pathfinder Second Edition offerings for members of the Starfinder and PF1e communities, there are a lot of reasons that it made the most sense to pursue Pathfinder content first. 

We aren’t saying there will never be premium content for those systems, but our focus must remain on Pathfinder Second Edition content for the foreseeable future. 

Your Announcement Mentioned Syrinscape, is There a Future Partnership There?

Through their Partnership with Paizo, Syrinscape provided us with access to their audio library so we could score and mix ambience, music, and sound effects. While we don't have any news about a direct integration with Syrinscape at this time, we are in contact with the Syrinscape team and we hope that our relationship can continue to grow.

In the meantime, we’ll take this opportunity to draw attention to the SyrinControl module, which is the closest to integration with Syrinscape as we can currently offer!

Module Support

Will Development Of The PF2E Game System Change Now That It Is Official?

We have been working very closely with the Pathfinder community developers to ensure this transition is one that will not impede their work. As a company, we feel the development work done on PF2E is amazing and creative, and we want to help that continue in any way we can. We view our role in partnering with the PF2E development community as an advisory one,  assisting where we can but otherwise staying out of their way.

Does This Mean I'll Need to Buy The Bestiaries Again To Use the Bestiary Monsters?

The data for the bestiary monsters is covered under the Community Use Policy (and our agreement with Paizo) and are available for free as part of the Pathfinder Second Edition game system. We think this level of supported content in the free system brings a lot of players to the community, and we see no reason to change that.

We know there are a lot of dedicated GMs and Players out there with shelves full of Pathfinder books who don’t want to re-purchase content they already own. The simplest answer to this question is: you will not need to pay to access anything that the PF2e game system currently includes for free. Our focus will remain on giving other reasons to buy our products by offering a way to experience that content that isn’t available anywhere else.

What Does This Mean For The PDF to Foundry Module?

Foundry VTT staff have been in FryGuy's corner from the very moment we approved PDFtoFoundry, and like many of you we were saddened to hear about his decision to step back from adding new content to it. However, we are also in the rare position of understanding just how much effort it requires to do the kind of conversion he was doing by hand on a monthly basis.

With the knowledge that official conversions were coming for Pathfinder Second Edition content, we took the time to ask Fryguy what his plans for PDFtoFoundry are, so we’ll let him tell you in his own words:

PDF to Foundry was, and always has been, a temporary solution in my mind. Due to how it works, it is practically impossible to be as high quality as something that has been adapted for a virtual tabletop directly. If you've seen the quality of the journal entries that are in the premium Foundry VTT content, I'm sure you'll agree. I only intended to add adventures to PDF to Foundry until they were sold on the FVTT marketplace. And now that they are being released, it means that I can stop updating it.

Honestly, I'm relieved by this announcement. Keeping PDF to Foundry up to date has been pretty stressful lately, especially when I fall behind the AP release dates. I've put off working on the PF2e system to instead add content to PDF to Foundry. Not having to maintain PDF to Foundry means I can focus more on the core PF2e system and let better qualified people make amazing conversions of Adventure Paths. I think that this arrangement will be better for everyone.