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Type Parameters


    • DocumentModificationContext



    parent: Document

    A parent Document within which these Documents should be embedded

    pack: string

    A Compendium pack identifier within which the Documents should be modified

    noHook: boolean

    Block the dispatch of preCreate hooks for this operation

    index: boolean

    Return an index of the Document collection, used only during a get operation.

    indexFields: string[]

    An array of fields to retrieve when indexing the collection

    keepId: boolean

    When performing a creation operation, keep the _id of the document being created instead of generating a new one.

    keepEmbeddedIds: boolean

    When performing a creation operation, keep existing _id values of documents embedded within the one being created instead of generating new ones.

    temporary: boolean

    Create a temporary document which is not saved to the database. Only used during creation.

    render: boolean

    Automatically re-render existing applications associated with the document.

    renderSheet: boolean

    Automatically create and render the Document sheet when the Document is first created.

    diff: boolean

    Difference each update object against current Document data to reduce the size of the transferred data. Only used during update.

    recursive: boolean

    Merge objects recursively. If false, inner objects will be replaced explicitly. Use with caution!

    isUndo: boolean

    Is the operation undoing a previous operation, only used by embedded Documents within a Scene

    deleteAll: boolean

    Whether to delete all documents of a given type, regardless of the array of ids provided. Only used during a delete operation.