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Valid Chat Message types


Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

OTHER: number

An uncategorized chat message

OOC: number

The message is spoken out of character (OOC). OOC messages will be outlined by the player's color to make them more easily recognizable.

IC: number

The message is spoken by an associated character.

EMOTE: number

The message is an emote performed by the selected character. Entering "/emote waves his hand." while controlling a character named Simon will send the message, "Simon waves his hand."

WHISPER: number

A message whispered to the target. If the user sending the message does not have the "Private Messages" permission, Gamemasters will be able to see the content of the message even if they were not a recipient. If the whisper's target is a character, the whisper will be sent to whoever controls the token.

ROLL: number

A message that is a dice roll.