data. PlaylistData

The data schema for a Playlist document.


new PlaylistData(data, documentopt)

  • BasePlaylist
Name Type Attributes Default Description
_id string

The _id which uniquely identifies this Playlist document

name string

The name of this playlist

description string

The description of this playlist

sounds Collection.<BasePlaylistSound>

A Collection of PlaylistSounds embedded documents which belong to this playlist

mode number <optional>

The playback mode for sounds in this playlist

playing boolean <optional>

Is this playlist currently playing?

fade number <optional>

A duration in milliseconds to fade volume transition

folder string | null

The _id of a Folder which contains this playlist

sorting string

The sorting mode used for this playlist.

sort number <optional>

The numeric sort value which orders this playlist relative to its siblings

seed number <optional>

A seed used for playlist randomization to guarantee that all clients generate the same random order.

permission object <optional>

An object which configures user permissions to this playlist

flags object <optional>

An object of optional key/value flags

Name Type Attributes Description
data object

Initial data used to construct the data object

document BasePlaylist <optional>

The document to which this data object belongs


  • DocumentData