data. CardsData

The data schema of a stack of multiple Cards. Each stack can represent a Deck, a Hand, or a Pile.


new CardsData()

  • BaseCards
Name Type Attributes Default Description
_id string

The _id which uniquely identifies this stack of Cards document

name string

The text name of this stack

type string

The type of this stack, in BaseCards.metadata.types

description string <optional>

A text description of this stack

img string <optional>

An image or video which is used to represent the stack of cards

data object <optional>

Game system data which is defined by the system template.json model

cards Collection.<BaseCard>

A collection of Card documents which currently belong to this stack

width number

The visible width of this stack

height number

The visible height of this stack

rotation number

The angle of rotation of this stack

displayCount boolean <optional>

Whether or not to publicly display the number of cards in this stack

folder string | null

The _id of a Folder which contains this document

sort number

The sort order of this stack relative to others in its parent collection

permission object <optional>

An object which configures user permissions to this stack

flags object <optional>

An object of optional key/value flags


  • DocumentData



The default icon used for a cards stack that does not have a custom image set

  • string