data. CardData

The data schema of a single Card document.


new CardData()

  • BaseCard
Name Type Attributes Default Description
_id string

The _id which uniquely identifies this Card document

name string

The text name of this card

description string <optional>

A text description of this card which applies to all faces

type string

A category of card (for example, a suit) to which this card belongs

data object <optional>

Game system data which is defined by the system template.json model

suit string <optional>

An optional suit designation which is used by default sorting

value number <optional>

An optional numeric value of the card which is used by default sorting

back CardFaceData

An object of face data which describes the back of this card

faces Array.<CardFaceData>

An array of face data which represent displayable faces of this card

face number

The index of the currently displayed face

drawn boolean

Whether this card is currently drawn from its source deck

origin string

The document ID of the origin deck to which this card belongs

width number

The visible width of this card

height number

The visible height of this card

rotation number

The angle of rotation of this card

sort number

The sort order of this card relative to others in the same stack

flags object <optional>

An object of optional key/value flags


  • DocumentData