The Background Layer

The Background Layer is the bottom-most layer of the tabletop Canvas. The Background Layer is responsible for rendering your underlying background image and defining the interactable area of the scene. By default, the canvas uses an interactive area which is 1.5 times the dimensions of your background image (with a minimum of 1000px.)

Mod developers may wish to interact with or manipulate this layer and can do so using the singleton instance of the BackgroundLayer() class which is accessible from within the client as canvas.background.

class BackgroundLayer()

A PIXI.Container subclass of CanvasLayer responsible for rendering the scene background image. The singleton instance of this class is accessed through canvas.background.


Draw the background image. We first load the image texture and store it in the PIXI loader. Once the requested image has been fully loaded we draw it as a PIXI.Sprite

Returns:BackgroundLayer – Returns the instance of the Background Layer for convenient chaining