Available API Hooks

This page provides an (incomplete) reference of available Hooks within Foundry VTT. Hooks provide a mechanism to perform certain action when various events occur. Each hook transacts a different set of arguments, but the standard syntax for registering a handler function is as follows:

Hooks.on(eventName, (...args) => {});

Initialization and Setup




Entity and Object Database Operations

For each Entity() (Actor, Scene, Item, …) type the following hooks are available.

preCreate<Entity>(createData, options)

create<Entity>(createdData, options, userId)

preUpdate<Entity>(updateData, options)

update<Entity>(updatedData, options, userId)

preDelete<Entity>(deleteId, options)

delete<Entity>(deletedId, options, userId)

For each PlaceableObject() (Token, Wall, OwnedItem, Tile, …) the following hooks are available.

preCreate<Object>(parentId, createData, options)

create<Object>(parentId, createdData, options, userId)

preUpdate<Object>(parentId, updateData, options)

update<Object>(parentId, updatedData, options, userId)

preDelete<Object>(parentId, deleteId, options)

delete<Object>(parentId, deletedId, options, userId)

Applications and Interface

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